• Do not push in with the muscle roller during your massage. Our muscle roller has large spikes, so increased pressure is unnecessary and could be uncomfortable. These spikes are designed so you can effortlessly achieve perfect muscle relaxation and improved blood flow.


  • Use the muscle roller ideally at least for a few minutes every day—especially in areas where you feel stiffness or muscle pain.


  • Don’t forget to try massaging your back and lumbar spine. You can do this easily on your own thanks to the extra length of our muscle massage roller stick.


  • Try to push in a little bit more so that you can get a deep muscle massage.


  • Place your muscle roller stick on the ground and try a foot massage. It’s very comfortable.


  • Because your muscle roller stick is extra-long, you can easily use it to massage both of your feet at once, or provide a pleasant massage to someone you love.


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