Core Sliders by FWY, Workout Gliding Discs for Fitness, Exercise and Abdominals

  • GET STRONGER CORE – using core sliders requires constant core muscle tension providing the most effective core exercise one gets outside the gym.
  • DO FULL BODY WORKOUT – our fitness gliders help you perform exercises that target nearly all muscle groups at once, saving you tons of time.
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE – workout sliders have two sides, one polished perfect for carpets and another, fabric one which is great for hard floors and smooth surfaces.
  • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE – with little over five inches in diameter, and a bit over 3 oz in weight you can take these fitness sliders anywhere you need, work, vacation…anywhere.
  • HIGH QUALITY – we place our customers first so if for any reason our product fails to meet your expectation just return it and we will issue a full money back guarantee.

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FWY core sliders are a perfect, low impact method to improve your fitness level or compliment your regular exercise regime.

Since your own body weight is used there is very little risk of causing any kind of injury. Work for most floors – our core sliders have two sides, one smooth and polished one for carpet like surfaces and another, fabric one, perfect for hard floors.

Very small – with size a little over 5” and weight just over 3.5 oz you can keep these core sliders anywhere, take them with you on the trips or to the gym. Easy to use – fitness sliders are simple and very intuitive to use, you can do a full body workout or target specific muscle groups. A perfect addition to any workout plan.

Satisfaction guarantee – we have done all we can to produce the best core sliders on the market, but just in case you do not like them…for any reason, simply return them and we will issue a full, no questions asked money back guarantee.

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