Is your muscle roller stick suitable for athletes?

Of course! And our Muscle Roller Stick is a great choice not only for athletes, but also for anyone who’s a fan of physical exercise, or suffers from stiffness and pain in their muscles. It’s also a fine ally for anyone who’s battling with cellulite.


For which type of massage is your Muscle Roller Stick designed?

Our Muscle Roller Stick is primarily designed for massaging the front and rear thighs, calves, trapezius muscles, back and lumbar spine—but also for foot massages. It’s also suitable for deep muscle massages thanks to its large spikes.


Can absolutely anyone use your muscle roller stick?

Yes! There’s nothing really complicated about the stick. Anybody can comfortably massage their back, trapezius, and lumbar spine thanks to its extra length. We’re also preparing detailed video tutorials on our website, so stay tuned!


Why are the spikes so hard? Aren’t they dangerous?

The massage area and the spikes were specially designed with the assistance of a fitness trainer/physiotherapist, who made sure that they’re safe. The spikes’ positioning and their hardness are necessary for perfect blood circulation and muscle relaxation. They also pleasantly stimulate acupressure points.

You don’t need to exert any pressure while massaging. In fact, strong pressure can even make the massage uncomfortable. Just lightly press down on the muscle roller and roll it over your muscles in a way that’s comfortable for you. If you want a deep muscle massage, push a little more strongly.