How to Use our Muscle Roller Stick

Our muscle roller stick is designed for both shallow massages and deep tissue massages. It can really get the blood flowing in your muscles. Its special spikes ensure a truly great massage. They’ll help you give your muscles much-needed warmth, blood, and relaxation, and kick-start your lymphatic system. When you press too hard while massaging, it can be uncomfortable. So always use an amount of pressure that ensures your massage is comfortable. We recommend consulting with your physiotherapist, trainer, or doctor about the correct usage of your massage stick.

Fronts of Thighs

 #fwysports Lay your muscle roller stick on the fronts of your thighs and roll it up and down. Use a tempo and a pressure level that feel right for you. You can massage your thighs while either sitting or standing. You can massage both your legs at once thanks to the extra length, or work each thigh separately. For better muscle relaxation, massage the sides of your thighs as well.

Backs of Thighs

While crouching, place the muscle roller stick across the backs of both thighs and, at your own pace and with a pleasant amount of pressure, roll it from your buttocks to your calves. You can also try rolling it over your buttocks. A massage of the backs of your thighs is very relaxing and effective.  muscle roller stick

Calf Massage

 IMG_5680_pp Both sitting and standing positions are fine for calf massages too. Roll the massage stick over the backs of your calves, and then also run it lightly to the the sides on both sides. A calf massage is very pleasant and will loosen up your muscles wonderfully. As always, choose a speed and intensity that keep your massage pleasant.

Lumbar Spine

Our muscle roller stick is a great helper for massaging your back and lumbar region. Place the massage stick behind your lower back and roll it up and down. For a lumbar spine massage, we recommend a relatively slow tempo and slightly increased pressure. But as always, work in a way that’s maximally comfortable.  Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes

Back and trapezius muscles

 muscle roller stick for athletes Thanks to its extra length, our massage stick is also ideal for massaging your back and trapezius muscles. You can comfortably massage yourself, or ask your partner to massage you. Here again we recommend going slow. Run the stick over any places where you feel pain or muscle stiffness.

Sole Massage

Our massage stick is also good for pleasantly massaging the soles of your feet. We recommend doing this one while sitting. Lay the massage stick on the ground (ideally on a mat or a rug) and run your soles over the spiked part. You’ll find that it’s pleasant and loosens up your soles.  massage roller

Trigger Point

 muscle roller stick for athletes Our massage stick’s handles are designed so that they can be used to massage trigger points. Grab the stick with both hands and press with one edge of the handle on the desired point. Use your other hand to help maintain the pressure. But also consult on the use of this method with an expert.


Use this product only for massages, relaxation, and loosening up your muscles. Follow the instructions above, and ideally consult with an expert before you start.




What Makes Our Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes Special?

We’d like to introduce you to our muscle roller stick for athletes. It’s completely unique in its length and design. Features like its large spikes make it a great tool for the perfect deep tissue massage to get your blood flowing and kick-start your lymphatic system. Our massage stick was personally tested by a fitness trainer, masseur, and physiotherapist, and he was really excited about this product. What Makes Us Different?

We’ve taken a close look at what’s out there on the market, and of course at what’s on Amazon. We discovered that with a few exceptions there are really only about ten different models of massage sticks. They’re just sold in hundreds of variants and colors. But it’s really basically all one product.

For example most of these massage stick models are completely smooth, or they only have small grooves in the massage part. While a massage with these massage stick rollers may be pleasant, with a smooth surface you’ll never get a perfect massage or a deep tissue massage. It’s just as if you took any old stick, or even just a rolling pin. So why even buy a stick like that?

Now, while browsing Amazon, you might find here or there a massage stick with nubs on it. Here too it’s only about three models with only the colors swapped or minor changes. And the massage nubs are fairly wide, and placed too far apart. Anyway, this is definitely better than just a smooth surface.

But what the massage stick models on Amazon really have in common is their length. They’re just too short. They tend to be around 17”. Sure, it’s enough for a calf massage, maybe a thigh massage. But when you want a good trigger point massage on your back, lumbar region, or trapezius muscles, this really isn’t long enough. For one thing, it doesn’t cover the whole surface of your back. For another, it’s simply uncomfortable.

What Makes Our Muscle Roller stick for Athletes different? 

muscle roller stick for athletesOur muscle roller stick is designed to cover the whole surface of your back (no matter how brawny you are) and give you a comfortable massage. It has a total of 26 rotating, spiked cylinders, positioned close together. They make sure that your massage will really get the blood flowing in your muscles. The grip is designed so that you can use it for a trigger point local massage. It’s just right for runners, cyclists, swimmers, joggers, and in short everyone who enjoys sports.

But of course not just for them—it’s also for everyone who does hard physical work or suffers from pain or blocked muscles. And let’s not forget about day-to-day relaxation and loosening up your muscles, no matter what your lifestyle.

You really have to experience the difference. Speaking of which…


What about you—how do you like our new model? Come and share your opinion with us. Got ideas for improvements? Let us know!